Sunday, October 14, 2007

things that i want/need to do:

*write thank you cards for the wedding/second shower gifts.

*finish two drawings by thursday, they're both only about half way done

*start two more drawings, have them done by november 9th.

*make enough artwork to fill my half of a gallery i have no idea of the size yet since i've never been there. by january.

*make greeting cards to sell at the Studio School and Gallery, also some new prints she would like, also some originals for a christmas gala affair, where i should be able to make some sales. so all that by december. i think.

*clean my house, actually take gifts out of boxes from the wedding; i appreciate everything, but i haven't yet had time to put together and arrange lamps, and closet shelves, etc. brandon should do it.

*figure out how i can be a transcriptionist from home. i am a wicked good typer. i play typing games for fun! but not now, because i have no time.

life goes by so fast, and i don't know how to lasso it in. how to make the best of it. i work 40 hours a week ... but what do i do with the other 128 hours? well, sleep. but the other 78 hours? that's a lot of hours that i can't find time to do stuff. how does this happen?? i feel stretched so thin, and i don't even go out much, or visit my friends a lot, or anything. the majority of what i've been doing lately is coloring. which i like. but i want to do it more often, and have left over time in which to sew, or paint, or construct things, or find new drawings jobs, etc.