Monday, September 10, 2007

today i went home early from work because of dizziness. i felt so out of it. when i would talk to other people, i felt like i was watching myself interact from a distance, and helping customers was difficult. this is so weird! so when i got home i ate some lunch and took a little nap, and now i am feeling a bit better. jenny thought perhaps i have an inner ear infection, but i don't think i do. i looked it up, and i would probably be feeling more of a vertigo feeling than a "buzzing" feeling, which is how i describe it, and also i would most likely be experiencing pain, or difficulty hearing, neither of which i have. i'm thinking it is probably just stress related; all those weeks and weeks of worrying, plus now the countdown to the wedding is probably doing me in.

i finally got my noah's ark drawing done. it is too big for my scanner, so after i get it scanned at kinkos tomorrow, i will be able to show it off. but till then, here are a couple of sneak peeks.



i gave the lions teeth like mona has now! :D

you should check this page out, too, to see what i created with one of these sneaks. it looks a lot better than it used to.

now to sketch a bit before more possibly sleeping.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

i have to buy a few things for dinner tonight at the store. i wish i could ride my bike, but the key to my bike lock is missing; i've known where it was for about 4 years, and when i finally get a bike, it mysteriously disappears.

this weekend is art weekend. i already feel like time is running out, even though i have today and tomorrow to work.

noah's ark