Monday, August 20, 2007

at work we sell something called a "grow a frog." now before you ask me if the real live frog comes sealed inside a box, let me tell you that no, it does not, you send away for it in the mail (i get asked this question about 20 times a day, and all you have to do to figure this out for yourself is read the side of the box. sigh).

here is what the kit looks like.


so i guess a family had bought one, then decided they didn't want it any more, and didn't know what to do with it. we said that we could take it in, to live with our frogs that we have on display, or maybe one of our employees would like to keep it. so they brought it in to me last night in it's tiny plastic box that it barely fit inside of any more because it was getting so big. i left it on the desk in the office because i wasn't sure if i should put him in the tank right away or not. so when i came in to work this morning, i found the box's lid on the floor, and the box mysteriously missing a frog. we could not find him anywhere! which was disturbing because he is an aquatic frog and is not supposed to live outside of water. we thought maybe he was dead, and would end up making the office smell bad if we couldn't find him. we finally found him a couple of hours later, and he was alive! so we rescued him. hopefully he didn't get too sick or anything being out of his water for so long. he was hiding between the wall and the filing cabinet, and he was just covered with dust. poor guy.

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