Friday, June 8, 2007

mona is back home from the doctor. this is how she looks and feels:


she had an iv so her leg is shaved, and she falls over a lot because she can't keep her balance yet.

here is what the paper said that she came home with:
"soften food with warm water or go to canned food for 14 days ever." that will be rough, since i'm used to just giving her a big bowl of food that she can eat over the period of a day or two, at her convenience. now when we go out of town over night we'll have to be sure to have someone come in and feed her.

the vet called when she was ready to be picked up, and scared the crap out of me. they said it was way worse than they had first thought, and that she lost a lot of teeth. basically, she only has her front teeth now. i was panicking because i was imagining a $650 bill, but it was exactly what they told me, between $300 and $400. they gave me a discount because they had to pull so many. she looks so sad now, and i almost cried when they brought her out to me. hopefully she will be much happier after she starts healing up. she will be happy to eat wet food forever, i'll bet.


poor poor kitty. :( sad pants.

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