Tuesday, May 15, 2007

here is a new collage:


two closeups:



acrylic gouache and watercolor paper.

allergies are bad today. i almost took a half day at work, but thought "what would be the point of going to sit for the rest of the day in the source of my affliction?" it's gotta be something here, in the apartment. or outside of the apartment ... what is it??

Saturday, May 12, 2007

it is nice

this is the first 2 day weekend i've had in months where i did not have any prearranged events to attend, or south bends to drive to. it is AMAZING! i slept until 10:30 (pure accident, i wanted to be up by 9), and then cleaned out the 2 years of accumulation inside my old car (stuffed animals, 10thousands pieces of watercolor and mat board, goodwill donations that still haven't made it to goodwill yet ...). my car is now successfully listed for sale online, and on its way to be in the trader paper next week. thanks to brandon working there, it's going to be on the cover of one of their publications. woah!

brandon's bandmates were over this afternoon, and while they silkscreened t-shirts, i painted an old cabinet i'm refinishing. i will post pictures as soon as it is all finished up, which is hopefully soon.

with any luck the rest of the afternoon will be just as pleasant, with a lovely breeze coming through the window ... and perhaps i'll get brandon out of the house to find a park or something ...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

i finally finished a collage i've been excited about.





colored pencil
acrylic gouache