Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spring is here. my porch will be much happier this year, with some plant life on it. i would really like to get some kind of a tree to put out there, too. does anyone have any suggestions for either (a) a tree that will not grow too large for a pot, and be good outside all year long or (b) again one that won't grow too large, but might possibly have to be taken in for the winter. i think i'd rather not get a pine.

my day off today has so far been very lovely. i slept in; woke up to a sleepy brandon snuggle that made me not want to get up. i did a bit of business, and found out more info on why i haven't yet been paid for the adoption drawing. i ran errands, of the good kind. i visited the weird library-inna-mall and got a tax form, and a book of drawings by Gregory L. Blackstock (he is amazing, you should look), and the book Keys to Drawing With Imagination recommended by the artist Danny Gregory who said "it's full of ideas that reshuffle [his] deck." at lowes i got a flower box and some soil for my favorite bulbs i bought last week: gladiolas.

when brandon woke up we had some quality time involving the computer network, and downloading music. i now know how to put music onto my ipod once again. we got the new modest mouse: i only listened once, but it seems quite good.

i'm planning on spending the rest of the day working on the drawing for our "save the date" card and invitation, and possibly making a new journal/sketch book.

i love unexpected days off.

here is the flood from last week:
fall creek, across the street from our complex.

this is my favorite. it almost works right side up and also completely upside down, due to the reflection. you can see how it was more "shallow" at the bottom of the picture (although it was still well over my ankles when i went out to my car), and got progressively deeper as it went out towards the entrance to our lot. fun to drive through!

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