Friday, February 9, 2007

yesterday was a lovely day. i got up kind of late, then worked on painting some frames for my show. i cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, and now i love just standing in them because they look so nice. we made a crock pot meal so our apartment smelled like good food all day long.
i wanted to finish up my roll of film in my pin hole camera, so i went out for a walk on fall creek. it was really beautiful out, and i walked a long way. i regretted it on the way back though because i was walking into the wind, and my boots kept making my knee socks fall down around my ankles so i had to stop every five minutes to pull them back up.
outside 023

outside 042
outside 039sparkly water.
outside 036
coke plant 4these are from last weekend's pinhole adventure. these are of course from my digi, but i was switching back and forth between two cameras. there will be a matching pinhole picture to go along with this one, unless of course i accidentally overexposed it, which is possible.
coke plant 10when i get my most recent roll back from being developed, i'll scan them and some of the ones from our first pinhole adventure.

i had a good time just sitting at home and doing our respective projects, which is something we don't get to do often, as it seems we usually have to run around doing lots of dumb stuff like buying groceries. but we did go out to lowe's for a new lamp, a piece of glass for screenprinting, and some paint so i can finally finish up that cabinet i've been trying to redo.
today i have to work, but i'm pacifying myself with visions of a possible trip to chicago and ikea with my mom, just as soon as the new car deal works itself out after many hiccups.

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