Sunday, December 9, 2007

i did not get much artwork accomplished today. however, i got to do a lot that i don't normally get to: i talked to my mom for an hour, went grocery shopping, and cooked pea soup and real life mashed potatoes (i love love mashed potatoes!) both which took me three hours. they are now in their last half hour. so far, today and friday were my two days off. i get to actually have days off now! i probably will work a little bit later on after brandon goes to work. but it's nice to do house-y stuff once in awhile. like ... yesterday i actually cleaned the apartment! woah!

i need to add more stuff to my etsy store soon. i would like an eventual goal to be adding something every day to boost my visibility. i'm struggling between whether i should list art cards under the Art section, or the Card section? even though my cards are actually one of a kind art pieces, the fact that they are cards makes people not want to pay very much for them. if i made the same piece of work on a piece of paper that did not fold, i could charge twice as much or more for them. kind of silly. perhaps i'll market them as art pieces with the option of sending as a greeting. but first and foremost they are for framing. duh! i made some for the studio school that i just love, and i think other people will too. i think i'm going to make a "transportation" greeting set. so far i have a car that says "hi." i'll be showing you soon, as soon as i make new ones.

i wish i could post a smell, because our dinner smells awesome! well, here i am eating apple sauce on our honeymoon. this is what i will look like soon when i'm eating potatoes!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

here's a bad picture of the cards i made for the Studio School opening:

greeting cards

greeting card

i was in a super big time rush, so did not have time to photograph them all without the plastic. i'm going to make a bunch more soon, though. and you can buy them from me! i'm afraid people will think they are too expensive, though. but they are all one of a kind. the bunnies are hand stamped with a handmade stamp, and the others are basically mini art prints sewn onto a card ... i'm selling them for $5 and $8 respectively. soon i'm going to make gift tags, which will be fun for me.

only two more weeks left. i am freaking scared. but excited.

Friday, November 16, 2007

a small gallery opening in my apartment. i was the only one in attendance. it opened to rave reviews.
tiny drawings

i took these to the real gallery yesterday. hopefully i shall see them there on saturday.



i took matters into my own hands, and put in my 5 weeks notice at work. i now have two weeks and two days left of that. so, for at least 6 months or so, i will pretend to be a real life artist and illustrator, staying at home every day, coloring and drawing to my heart's content. if all goes well, i may be able to extend the affair. i'll let you know in april.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

things that i want/need to do:

*write thank you cards for the wedding/second shower gifts.

*finish two drawings by thursday, they're both only about half way done

*start two more drawings, have them done by november 9th.

*make enough artwork to fill my half of a gallery i have no idea of the size yet since i've never been there. by january.

*make greeting cards to sell at the Studio School and Gallery, also some new prints she would like, also some originals for a christmas gala affair, where i should be able to make some sales. so all that by december. i think.

*clean my house, actually take gifts out of boxes from the wedding; i appreciate everything, but i haven't yet had time to put together and arrange lamps, and closet shelves, etc. brandon should do it.

*figure out how i can be a transcriptionist from home. i am a wicked good typer. i play typing games for fun! but not now, because i have no time.

life goes by so fast, and i don't know how to lasso it in. how to make the best of it. i work 40 hours a week ... but what do i do with the other 128 hours? well, sleep. but the other 78 hours? that's a lot of hours that i can't find time to do stuff. how does this happen?? i feel stretched so thin, and i don't even go out much, or visit my friends a lot, or anything. the majority of what i've been doing lately is coloring. which i like. but i want to do it more often, and have left over time in which to sew, or paint, or construct things, or find new drawings jobs, etc.


Monday, September 10, 2007

today i went home early from work because of dizziness. i felt so out of it. when i would talk to other people, i felt like i was watching myself interact from a distance, and helping customers was difficult. this is so weird! so when i got home i ate some lunch and took a little nap, and now i am feeling a bit better. jenny thought perhaps i have an inner ear infection, but i don't think i do. i looked it up, and i would probably be feeling more of a vertigo feeling than a "buzzing" feeling, which is how i describe it, and also i would most likely be experiencing pain, or difficulty hearing, neither of which i have. i'm thinking it is probably just stress related; all those weeks and weeks of worrying, plus now the countdown to the wedding is probably doing me in.

i finally got my noah's ark drawing done. it is too big for my scanner, so after i get it scanned at kinkos tomorrow, i will be able to show it off. but till then, here are a couple of sneak peeks.



i gave the lions teeth like mona has now! :D

you should check this page out, too, to see what i created with one of these sneaks. it looks a lot better than it used to.

now to sketch a bit before more possibly sleeping.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

i have to buy a few things for dinner tonight at the store. i wish i could ride my bike, but the key to my bike lock is missing; i've known where it was for about 4 years, and when i finally get a bike, it mysteriously disappears.

this weekend is art weekend. i already feel like time is running out, even though i have today and tomorrow to work.

noah's ark

Monday, August 20, 2007

at work we sell something called a "grow a frog." now before you ask me if the real live frog comes sealed inside a box, let me tell you that no, it does not, you send away for it in the mail (i get asked this question about 20 times a day, and all you have to do to figure this out for yourself is read the side of the box. sigh).

here is what the kit looks like.


so i guess a family had bought one, then decided they didn't want it any more, and didn't know what to do with it. we said that we could take it in, to live with our frogs that we have on display, or maybe one of our employees would like to keep it. so they brought it in to me last night in it's tiny plastic box that it barely fit inside of any more because it was getting so big. i left it on the desk in the office because i wasn't sure if i should put him in the tank right away or not. so when i came in to work this morning, i found the box's lid on the floor, and the box mysteriously missing a frog. we could not find him anywhere! which was disturbing because he is an aquatic frog and is not supposed to live outside of water. we thought maybe he was dead, and would end up making the office smell bad if we couldn't find him. we finally found him a couple of hours later, and he was alive! so we rescued him. hopefully he didn't get too sick or anything being out of his water for so long. he was hiding between the wall and the filing cabinet, and he was just covered with dust. poor guy.

Friday, June 8, 2007

mona is back home from the doctor. this is how she looks and feels:


she had an iv so her leg is shaved, and she falls over a lot because she can't keep her balance yet.

here is what the paper said that she came home with:
"soften food with warm water or go to canned food for 14 days ever." that will be rough, since i'm used to just giving her a big bowl of food that she can eat over the period of a day or two, at her convenience. now when we go out of town over night we'll have to be sure to have someone come in and feed her.

the vet called when she was ready to be picked up, and scared the crap out of me. they said it was way worse than they had first thought, and that she lost a lot of teeth. basically, she only has her front teeth now. i was panicking because i was imagining a $650 bill, but it was exactly what they told me, between $300 and $400. they gave me a discount because they had to pull so many. she looks so sad now, and i almost cried when they brought her out to me. hopefully she will be much happier after she starts healing up. she will be happy to eat wet food forever, i'll bet.


poor poor kitty. :( sad pants.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

here is a new collage:


two closeups:



acrylic gouache and watercolor paper.

allergies are bad today. i almost took a half day at work, but thought "what would be the point of going to sit for the rest of the day in the source of my affliction?" it's gotta be something here, in the apartment. or outside of the apartment ... what is it??

Saturday, May 12, 2007

it is nice

this is the first 2 day weekend i've had in months where i did not have any prearranged events to attend, or south bends to drive to. it is AMAZING! i slept until 10:30 (pure accident, i wanted to be up by 9), and then cleaned out the 2 years of accumulation inside my old car (stuffed animals, 10thousands pieces of watercolor and mat board, goodwill donations that still haven't made it to goodwill yet ...). my car is now successfully listed for sale online, and on its way to be in the trader paper next week. thanks to brandon working there, it's going to be on the cover of one of their publications. woah!

brandon's bandmates were over this afternoon, and while they silkscreened t-shirts, i painted an old cabinet i'm refinishing. i will post pictures as soon as it is all finished up, which is hopefully soon.

with any luck the rest of the afternoon will be just as pleasant, with a lovely breeze coming through the window ... and perhaps i'll get brandon out of the house to find a park or something ...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

i finally finished a collage i've been excited about.





colored pencil
acrylic gouache

Monday, April 9, 2007

i've been doing lots of research tonight. i need to put together some portfolio books. and write some cover letters. and explode.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

dress detail
a detail of my wedding dress. you can't see it all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spring is here. my porch will be much happier this year, with some plant life on it. i would really like to get some kind of a tree to put out there, too. does anyone have any suggestions for either (a) a tree that will not grow too large for a pot, and be good outside all year long or (b) again one that won't grow too large, but might possibly have to be taken in for the winter. i think i'd rather not get a pine.

my day off today has so far been very lovely. i slept in; woke up to a sleepy brandon snuggle that made me not want to get up. i did a bit of business, and found out more info on why i haven't yet been paid for the adoption drawing. i ran errands, of the good kind. i visited the weird library-inna-mall and got a tax form, and a book of drawings by Gregory L. Blackstock (he is amazing, you should look), and the book Keys to Drawing With Imagination recommended by the artist Danny Gregory who said "it's full of ideas that reshuffle [his] deck." at lowes i got a flower box and some soil for my favorite bulbs i bought last week: gladiolas.

when brandon woke up we had some quality time involving the computer network, and downloading music. i now know how to put music onto my ipod once again. we got the new modest mouse: i only listened once, but it seems quite good.

i'm planning on spending the rest of the day working on the drawing for our "save the date" card and invitation, and possibly making a new journal/sketch book.

i love unexpected days off.

here is the flood from last week:
fall creek, across the street from our complex.

this is my favorite. it almost works right side up and also completely upside down, due to the reflection. you can see how it was more "shallow" at the bottom of the picture (although it was still well over my ankles when i went out to my car), and got progressively deeper as it went out towards the entrance to our lot. fun to drive through!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

my new work is up on my site. the opening at the Studio School was a sucess, i am happy to report.

i put up a couple prints for sale here. i haven't gotten to all of them yet, but every print in my new series is available in print form ... if you want it, i have it. just let me know. also if you go to my etsy store, and it says the one you want is sold out, i can have that available as well. i am just that versatile!

here is one i have listed:

take care, see you soon.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

leaf head
my first real painting in 3 years. acrylic gouache.

Friday, February 9, 2007

yesterday was a lovely day. i got up kind of late, then worked on painting some frames for my show. i cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom, and now i love just standing in them because they look so nice. we made a crock pot meal so our apartment smelled like good food all day long.
i wanted to finish up my roll of film in my pin hole camera, so i went out for a walk on fall creek. it was really beautiful out, and i walked a long way. i regretted it on the way back though because i was walking into the wind, and my boots kept making my knee socks fall down around my ankles so i had to stop every five minutes to pull them back up.
outside 023

outside 042
outside 039sparkly water.
outside 036
coke plant 4these are from last weekend's pinhole adventure. these are of course from my digi, but i was switching back and forth between two cameras. there will be a matching pinhole picture to go along with this one, unless of course i accidentally overexposed it, which is possible.
coke plant 10when i get my most recent roll back from being developed, i'll scan them and some of the ones from our first pinhole adventure.

i had a good time just sitting at home and doing our respective projects, which is something we don't get to do often, as it seems we usually have to run around doing lots of dumb stuff like buying groceries. but we did go out to lowe's for a new lamp, a piece of glass for screenprinting, and some paint so i can finally finish up that cabinet i've been trying to redo.
today i have to work, but i'm pacifying myself with visions of a possible trip to chicago and ikea with my mom, just as soon as the new car deal works itself out after many hiccups.


Hi! i am new to blogger. i am an old friend to livejournal. livejournal will still be my main attraction, but i will post here sometimes. i would like to keep up with some awesome people i've run into while on this site, so here i am.

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